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Connection Academy curriculum is an online program provided by Connection Academy. The program is tuition fee and can meet the educational need of each student. There are a few steps for you to enroll in Connection Academy program, that is to check your eligibility, complete the online application form, submit the document required, check the verification status and finally get the final confirmation. Please note that the last to submit your enrollment document is October 24th of each year and the due date of completing the enrollment final conformation os October 25th. Please complete the relevant steps before it is too late.
About Connection Academy

Founded in 2001, Connection Academy is a free online school which provides a wide range of accredited curriculum options for student in grades k-12. It is totally tuition free and offers you flexible curriculum to the educational standards of each states. At Connection Academy, you will be guided by state-certificated teachers who are striving to help each child achieve their educational goal. Its goal is to help each student maximise his or her potential. What's more, there are online grade book available allowing you track your progress anytime at your convenience. How Can You Apply for Connection Academy Program Online?

  • Requirements
    1. A computer or device with Internet access.
    2. A valid email address.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the Connection Academy homepage at related link 1 below.
    2. Click the orange button marked "Enroll Now!" at the right section of the page.
    3. Read the eligibility requirements displayed at related link 2 below to see if you are certificated.
    4. Complete the application form at related link 3 and click the "Continue" button.
    5. Log into Connexus to see what documents you need to upload and send the document at [email protected].
    6. Log into Connexus regularly to check your application status.
    7. Then click the "Final Confirmation" link to confirm your enrollment.
    8. If you have any questions in the process of enrollment, please call Connections Academy at 800-382-6010.
    9. For further questions, please refer to the Enrollment FAQs at related link 4.
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